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The Future Development Direction of Vibrating Screen

Ore Milling Equipment is a kind of ore beneficiation equipment. Various forms of screening machinery have been widely used in all walks of life, and play an important role in the national economy. From the current research trends at home and abroad, we can see, on the one hand, it is committed to the movement analysis and structural adjustment of existing screening machinery; on the other hand, it targets the novel design goals. Explore the reasonable structure type, dynamic configuration and kinetic parameters, in order to further promote the application of the screening machine.

Synthesize the screening machinery condition at home and abroad, the screening machinery should be developed in the following directions:1. Large-scale screening machinery The large-scale screening machinery is an important way to improve the handling capacity. In recent years, many countries are designing the large vibrating screen, as early as in 1976; Germany has been able to create a stand-alone treatment capacity of 1000 t / screening vibrating machine. In order to increase the excitation force, some countries have also made the four exciter parallel installed, the sieve body adopts the materials that can resist the fatigue and corrosion. Practice has proved that the use effect has been praised among the industry.

2. Standardization, serialization, and universalization of screening machinery In order to facilitate the design, specialized production and ensure the quality, and lower the costs, the screening machinery has developed into the direction of standardization, serialization and universalization.3. Heavy and super-heavy Screening machinery In order to meet the particle size’s material grading of more than 400mm, China has developed a heavy-duty and super heavy duty screening machinery for large mines, quarries, coal mines and other occasions, making the large particle size of the material graded to meet operational needs.4. Increases of vibrating screen intensity The vibrating process gradually increases, it has achieved greater speed and acceleration speed and has increased the production capacity and the screening effect.

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