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Hublot: It's all black in 10 years. We talked about it with Augusto Capitanucci

In a pleasant evening celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hublot's all-black collection by Piano Orologeria Milan, we were interviewed by Augusto Capitanucci who, in addition to being a friend, was the regional director of Hublot.

Let us first ask you something about yourself and the background...

I never thought of the past of nature, but the daily challenges and the challenges I wanted to undertake. I have always been a car and watch, and loyal fans of guilt (or luck) are my grandfather and my father Charles Augustus, I share this passion with him, and from them I inherited a powerful attraction to octane Change now. This case means that during college, I was very eager to write articles about motors and watches. This is the reason for my great tourbillon into the watch news, etc.wholesale cheap TAG HEUER MONACO watches

Let's continue discussing Hublot: Tell us how it was born...

Hengbao is a real case. It was born in 1980 thanks to the intuition of Italian businessman Carlo Crocco, an unusual base, that is a combination of precious materials such as gold technical materials such as rubber. These elements will become the basic chromosome of Hengbao DNA. Like all companies that have achieved great success in the short term, immediate and almost uncontrollable growth requires strong support from the perspective of product updates and marketing. And it is here that enters the game of Jean-Claude Beaver, our President, who launched the Big Bang Watch in 2005, announced a clear turning point in the history of the recent Hublot watches. In the book and the future, however, we are considering very successful factories, which are developing and multiplying brand values ​​such as melting point of materials, unique designs and evolving partnerships, co-chief CEO Ricardo Guadalajara Dalupe, its values ​​and communication through a limited, instantly recognizable and unique series.

What was the most important thing in Hublot's past?

He changed the way we see and feel watchmaking. The most classic meaning of the clock is Hublot. Buy Hublot will become his "only" part of the world and his partners: there are watches for all occasions, from art to fashion, dall'automobilismo football, passing classical music, football and Richard Mille RM 11-03 Flyback McLaren watch

Can you briefly describe the current collection and the next goal?

Collections are divided into one common point, but united four major series: classic fusion, scope dedicated to classic taste of the customer, the Big Bang, movement and elegance while at the same time, the spirit of Bying, or our clock interpretation of the form of iconic The barrel-shaped case and masterpiece, or the great complications of the MP-05 Ferrari Laferrari models and the latest addition, MP-07, a futuristic vertical tourbillon, developed a 40-day power storage capacity. What will be the next goal, we will be the direct result of the introduction of the day during the meeting in January and Geneva, then what is sure about the 2017 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show is that Hublot will be impressed with lasting partnership After - the way to introduce great innovation - and for the speaker with the Sapphire theme.

Is there a piece or line that best reflects Hublot's spirit?

As I said earlier, the values ​​and brands reflected by the entire price of MASTERLINE Hengbao reflect the typical code of all models, which is the power of the House of Representatives. Recognition is cheap ULYSSE NARDIN watches

Let's talk about all black. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the collection from Pisa; you can tell us more about how the collection was born, its features, unique logos, and more.

The "All Black" philosophy was born in 2006 and was created by Mr. Biver's will, not only in terms of technology and materials. You have to leave the choir and create an all-black clock is certainly the easiest decision: the aim is to give life visibility invisible and then order the success of these limited series so far that has now reached twenty.

You created a celebration model for this anniversary, right? cheap watches for men

Not one, but 4: The Big Bang Unico Sapphire all black, appeared in 19 exhibitions to choose from, the Big Bang Alert Repeater, the Mekka - 10 with 10 days power reserve new production campaign and classic fusion Berluti ..

Let's go back to talking about you. Do you have your own collection? And, if so, do you have the privilege of retro or new works?

I have my own clock and many watches inherit them. I like classical, just like I like modern.

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