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Chinaware Ball Mill Creates an Energy-Saving Ore Dressing Er

The Gold Ore Crusher has many types: energy-saving ball mill, cement ball mill, chinaware ball mill etc, which often are composed by the oil cylinder, lining plate, feeding equipment, lubrication system, speed changer and the bearing.

The energy-saving chinaware ball mill is new-type equipment produced by Zenith Machinery according to the newest technology. The whole body of it adopts chinaware as raw material. Because of its small capacity, it can be used in the small-lot production or in the product trial-manufacture period. The chinaware ball mill has the advantages like stable functioning, high productivity and big reduction ratio etc, showing its incomparable crushing capacity in all kinds of medium, fine and superfine crushing.

When the energy-saving chinaware ball mill is working, the electric motor drives the cylinder to move around by the reduction gear. The steel ball and materials in the cylinder will be sent to a certain height by the lining plate under the effect of the friction and centrifugal force, then throw them down under the effect of gravity, through which the stone is crushed continuously. The stone after crushing is discharged outside the cylinder, and then the discharged materials are classified by the spiral classifier. The unqualified products will return to the ball mill and accept the secondary crushing.

In order to reduce the energy consumption and improve the utilization rate of the field, the manufacturers bring much more and higher requirements to the productivity and consumption of the all kinds of ore dressing equipment. The traditional ball mills have been out of time. While the energy-saving ball mill is high in productivity and automatic degree, low in the labor intensity, land covering and environmental pollution, which all lead to a broader development prospect.

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